TSS Holiday Weekend Style

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday to you all. I am gloriously happy because, due to the fact that tomorrow is the 4th of July, I am actually getting to enjoy a two-day weekend! I love it. Last night we went out to dinner with a couple we know from work (to Copper Canyon Grill, if you’re curious… it’s one of our favorite places, although its location in the very touristy Pointe Orlando can make it a bit annoying to get to). Today I spent a few hours lounging by the pool before it got too unbearably hot, ran a few errands, and tidied up a bit around the house. In about an hour or so hubby and I are going to head over to Tampa for a barbeque at my in-laws’. Tomorrow should consist of relaxation, writing my three reviews for the week, and reading! There is a carnival/outdoor event/fireworks thing very close to our house, within walking distance, so we will probably head over there tomorrow evening for a bit.

What are you up to this holiday (in the US) weekend?


8 thoughts on “TSS Holiday Weekend Style”

  1. Sounds like a enjoyable weekend. As for me, I’ve been lounging on my deck reading. I thought I would get bored since I usually have a lot to do on the weekends. So far, I’ve excelled at being lazy.

  2. It does sound like you are planning a nice mini-vacation, and I hope that you enjoy it! I am planning on blogging, writing, and practicing my peach pie for book club today, as well as getting out in the front yard for fireworks. Have an amazing day off!

  3. Have an awesome and fireworky weekend! (I suppose you’ve had it by now, or nearly.) I’m considering going to see fireworks my own self, depending on how much it turns out I can be bothered facing Manhattan-type traffic come this evening.

  4. Just returned from an island vacation with the family and enjoying the celebration of the 4th of July Independence Day with fireworks, a family meal, patriotic music, reading some US history and thankful for this great nation. Enjoy your vacation and have a great 4th of July!

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