The Sunday

Good morning and happy Sunday everyone! This morning finds me slightly exhausted after a long work week and then a fabulous evening out with some friends last night. As you probably know, I’m a bit of a homebody so I don’t find myself having nights out on a too frequent basis, so it was nice to get out to Mojo’s Cajun Bar and Grille for a coworkers’ going away party last night. The food was good, the drinks were delicious, and the company – yes, the same people I spend all day with, every day – was excellent. It’s always fun to have a night like that every once in a while. Plus, hubby was out of town for the weekend so if I didn’t go out with friends I probably would have been bored since Saturday is typically our date night.

Anyway, today I plan on the usual Sunday stuff – a few errands, writing up a few blog posts, and hopefully lots of reading. The sun hasn’t shown itself much yet today – it’s been a very stormy weekend – but if it does decide to come out, I’ll head over to the pool for a bit.

I’m trying a new thing with the blog where I post three reviews every week. What I’ve always done in the past is post very sporadically. I’d be good and do a post every day for two weeks or so, and then I’d slack off and the blog would be empty for a week, etc. Not good. I think disciplining myself to three reviews per week will create more consistency in my life and obviously in my blog. I did this last week and I think it worked well, I plan to get three reviews written today so I can schedule them for this week. Let me know your thoughts on this new idea of mine.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m off to get the blog writing started. What are you up to this Sunday?