My One and Only by Kristan Higgins

My One and OnlyMy One and Only by Kristan Higgins
Published by Harlequin
Review copy provided by the publicist

Divorce attorney Harper James is shocked when her younger sister, Willa, announces that she’s engaged to the brother of Haper’s ex-husband, Nick. Harper and Nick married young, divorced quickly, and haven’t spoken much since – but as soon as Harper sees Nick again, she remembers exactly why she fell for him in the first place. Due to a weather issue, Harper’s flight back home after the wedding is cancelled, and Nick offers to drive her – which means the two of them are alone together for a few days. Although Harper has a boyfriend of several years back at home, she can’t help thinking about what might have been with Nick as she realizes that they truly might get another chance to make things right.

It is extremely rare for me to even think about picking up a romance novel. Therefore, when I received a copy of My One and Only as a surprise from the publisher, I set it aside, thinking I’d hold on to it for a giveaway or something, but most likely would not actually read it myself. For whatever reason, though, I needed a light read one day so I decided to just go for it. I told myself it was more of a contemporary romance, more like chick-lit than an actual romance novel, and why not give it a try.

Did I enjoy the book? Yes and no. It was kind of what I expected – very on-the-surface characters, funny and fun to read about but lacking depth. The story was humorous and sweet at times but too predictable for my tastes, as I don’t much enjoy when a book does everything you expect it to do, without exception. But I have to admit that it was an entertaining ride. And at a time when I was looking for something a little more on the fluffy side, that didn’t require me to think too much, this book did the trick. That’s not an insult at all, so please don’t take it as such – all I mean is that these kinds of books are easy to consume and can be very fun for that reason, but I tend to like my fiction to be a little more thought-provoking.

What I want to say, though, is that I can very much appreciate the market for a book like My One and Only. The main character is ballsy and independent yet you know from the beginning that she will get her happy ending. Sometimes we all need to read a fairy tale to be reminded of what is possible in life – and these kinds of books are like fairy tales for grownups. So yes I enjoyed the experience of reading it but overall, this kind of novel is just not my cup of tea.

I can’t really compare My One and Only to other books of its kind because, as I’ve made quite clear, I don’t read romance novels hardly at all. But for a romance novel newbie like myself, the book fit exactly what I was looking for. It was fun, funny, and very sweet. I definitely think readers who are more accustomed to this kind of fiction will enjoy the book.