Giveaway of Crush edited by Andrea N. Richesin

Remember last year when I told you all about the essay collection What I Would Tell Her? I really enjoyed that collection of essays, edited by Andrea N. Richesin, written by a bunch of dads who love their daughters. Since I so loved that collection, I was thrilled when I was contacted by Ms. Richesin herself telling me she has a new book coming out, called Crush: 26 Real-life Tales of First Love. I haven’t finished reading the book yet, which is why you haven’t seen a proper review, but I’m partway through and I can already see that this is another awesome collection of essays. There are some amazing writers who share in this book about their first crushes – Jacquelyn Mitchard, Ann Hood, and David Levithan, just to name a few.

For those of you thinking, “wow, that sounds like an interesting book, I’d really love to read that” I have the perfect gift for you! A big thank you to Andrea N. Richesin for offering to give away one copy of Crush to one of my lucky readers! To make this giveaway a little bit more fun than your average contest, I’m going to ask for your crush stories. Whether it was your first crush or the crush you have right now, tell me about it! I will choose the winner with the best crush story and repost the story here when I announce the winner on Saturday, June 4th – which just so happens to be the 4-year wedding anniversary of my crush/hubby and I! I thought that was appropriate timing. 🙂

This giveaway also coincides with Armchair BEA‘s giveaway day! If you haven’t yet checked out all the happenings at Armchair BEA, please do! The coordinators of it have put together a fabulous event with tons of fun things going on. At the very least, head on over and check out what other giveaways are happening.

I can’t wait to hear all of your crush stories! Good luck!

EDIT: In order for your comment to count toward the giveaway, you must give me your crush story! I have had several readers enter without this, and you will be disqualified unless you tell me about your former/current crush! 🙂 Thanks everyone!


10 thoughts on “Giveaway of Crush edited by Andrea N. Richesin”

  1. My first crush would be when I was in 3rd grade… I cant remember much but i do remember the day I had the nerve to ask him to meet me at the end of the playground. And after I told him that I liked him, I gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran away =) the next day at school he had a big grin of his face when he saw me and gave me a rose with 1 hershey kiss… amazing what a 3rd grade boy knows. ^_^

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway and for participating in ArmchairBEA!! Nice to meet you!!

    SpadesHigh @
    TValeros18 @ gmail [dot] com

  2. I’m married now, but I used to crush *hard*. I remember grade school, junior high, and high school being filled with crushes who never gave me the time of day. I would sometimes go to great lengths to impress them – having my mom make an extra lunch for track meets because her lunches were awesome, and my crush loved them (thanks mom for being so great!). But most of the time, I just sat and pined for the boy.

    My husband and I started as a crush (my side), that developed into a casual relationship that ended abruptly a few months later (I was heartbroken), and became a friendship. Six years later that friendship became a relationship that turned into a wedding … so I guess that’s the one crush that worked out for me 🙂

  3. Oh, crushes.

    My very first one was on a golden-haired boy named Daniel, and let me tell you: I was in love. When I wasn’t devising ways to get my mom to call his mom for the spelling words I had “conveniently misplaced,” I was stalking the poor kid around the playground and willing him to notice me as the true object of his affection.

    I was six.

    We were in school together for years — and my love for him only grew stronger as the years went on. On Valentine’s Day in second grade, I decided to go bold or go home and chose a Barbie card for him emblazoned with the words “I love you.”

    I can’t say my feelings were returned.

    Though we parted ways after elementary school, it’s hard to forget that heady feeling of your first real crush — even as a kid; even when you don’t know what love is. I ran into him years later, walking through the mall as a teen; he wasn’t as cute as I remembered. But that fellow second-grader is imprinted in my mind forever!

  4. I was 6 when I had my first crush. My neighbor just turned 13 and I was bound and determined to marry him. He was very nice about it and didn’t hold it against me. Now every time I talk to him I still feel embarrassed.


  5. I had my first crush when I was 6 years old. I thought that a boy in the same class with me was cute and I almost gave him a plush dog with a heart in front of it for Valentine’s Day. Great thing I didn’t, ‘cos if I did, it would be so embarrassing.

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