Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Published by HarperCollins
Review copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley

Seventeen-year-old Lena is just a few months away from the operation that everyone says will change her life. The world in which she lives has been cured of love, or the Deliria as it is called, and she knows that once she is cured, her whole future will begin to unfold:  she will select a mate, go to college, marry, and begin her career. But just when she’s begun to get excited about having the procedure done, the unthinkable happens – she falls in love.

Okay, guys, this is one of those situations in which I cannot speak eloquently about a book for the life of me. This book is SO good. Amazing, actually. I loved it, loved it, LOVED IT.

Where do I start? The characters in this novel are just fantastic. What I loved about Lena is the fact that she is such a “normal” teen. She is not a revolutionary, she has not spent years plotting to overthrow the government, she is not angry about her life. She is happy with things, and although she misses her mother (who committed suicide because of the Deliria) she knows that as soon as she is cured, those feelings will disappear. It is not until she meets Alex where she begins to question everything. Now some readers might think that this makes her weak, since she changed her entire outlook for a boy, but I just thought it rang true. Most people, in any given situation that they have been in their entire lives, simply accept things. People don’t think to question the system until they are confronted with evidence that the system is flawed, which is exactly what happened to Lena when she met Alex. Then she finally had a reason to think critically about her world.

The other wonderful thing about this novel is how well-thought-out the world Oliver created is. She really made everything come alive for me, and it is clear that she analyzed every single detail so that the reader would have no questions about how everything “worked”. I found it so interesting to think about all the little ways that love matters in our lives and how taking it away would have huge consequences. In the novel, music is not appreciated, people don’t really care about their pets, and there is no empathy for another person’s plight, among other things. It was just an expertly crafted novel, overall.

I am beyond excited for the next two books in this exciting trilogy – I have very high hopes for this series, as I truly loved this novel. Please read it yourself and tell me what you think!



15 thoughts on “Delirium by Lauren Oliver”

  1. Okay! I am now convinced that Delirium should be added to the TBR list. You are the second blogger to rave about it. It is icing on the cake that it is a trilogy.

  2. i’m getting so nervous….i wrote my review but it’s not posting until next week. yours is the third glowing review but my review is a bit lackluster. the book just didn’t speak to me like oliver’s other novel, before i fall. maybe i’m just a bit jaded on the dystopian novel front? i do want to give the rest of the series a read but i’m not chomping at the bit.

    1. I’m excited to read your review, Nat, even if it’s not as favorable as mine. Something about this book just worked for me but not all books are for all readers. 🙂

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