BBAW: First Treasure

Today’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week writing prompt invites us to share a recently discovered book blog.  Today I’m going to encourage you all to check out Michelle’s blog, my books. my life.

I’m not sure how long Michelle’s been blogging, but I do know that I only discovered her this year.  And I’m so glad I did discover her – she writes excellent, thoughtful book reviews, always of books I either want to read or have read.  Examples:  The Unnamed, Blankets, and Mr. Peanut.

Michelle also writes interesting discussion posts which never fail to make me think.  (Even though, admittedly, I am not the best commenter in the world!)

Please take a minute to visit my books. my life. You will not be sorry. 🙂



16 thoughts on “BBAW: First Treasure”

  1. Oh, darn – I think Michelle was a this-year find for me as well. I should have included her in my post too – I enjoy her blog, and she lives in my old stomping grounds (Tampa Bay).

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