Title:  Coming Back: New Orleans Resurgent
Author:  photographs by Mario Tama, introduction by Anderson Cooper
Release date:  September 1, 2010
Publisher:  Umbrage Editions
Pages:  128
Genre:  Photography
Source:  Publicist

Coming Back: New Orleans Resurgent is a collection of photographs taken by Mario Tama in New Orleans post-Katrina.  Sadly, after the news stopped bombarding the public with information about the hurricane, many people simply forgot about the horrific conditions in New Orleans and other parts of the country where the hurricanes hit.  Mario Tama decided to do something about this, and Coming Back: New Orleans was born out of the need to document what was happening in New Orleans as the people there were trying to recover from the unbelievable damage the hurricane had done to their city.

I don’t have a lot to say about Coming Back: New Orleans Resurgent except for the fact that it is a very important book.  Honestly, I’m not much into photography and I know next to nothing about it, but even I was blown away by the beauty of this book.  The images that Tama captured are absolutely striking.  I never really understood how a book of photographs can tell a story, but this one definitely does.  And it’s a story that begs to be told.  Too many of us no longer think about the victims of Hurricane Katrina, or about what the people of New Orleans are still dealing with, years later, but Mario Tama expertly conveys why we should be thinking about these things.

The one thing that stuck out to me while going through the book is how resilient the people of New Orleans really are.  I mean, I know it’s been said already, that the people of New Orleans are resilient, but really – Mario Tama did a brilliant job showing off just how amazing, how brave, how incredibly resilient these people were for going through what they went through and then coming back to their home anyway.  Because it’s their home – of course they would come back.

All I can do is recommend Coming Back: New Orleans Resurgent to anyone and everyone.  I don’t like to make broad generalizations about “everyone” liking a book, but I’m having a hard time thinking of someone who wouldn’t like this one.  Someone who hates photographs maybe?  As long as that’s not you, go ahead and get yourself a copy of this book.  And then display it on your coffee table so it can be shared with your friends.  It really is that great, and that important.