A few challenges I’d forgotten to post about

A few challenges have come up recently (or in one case, not so recently… more like months ago) that I’ve kept meaning to join.  So here’s my attempt to actually post about them. 🙂

First is the Graphic Novels Challenge.  I’ve already read two books for this one so far this year, which leads me to believe I’ll have no problem joining at the Intermediate level and committing to at least 5 graphic books over the course of this year.

Next is Orbis Terrarum.  I participated in this last year, and I enjoyed finding books written by authors from other countries, and I’m really excited to do it all over again!  The commitment for this one is eight books in eight months.

The third challenge I’m joining is Carl’s Once Upon a Time IV.  As I typically don’t read a ton of these types of books, I’m just going to participate at the Journey level and hope to read at least two or three books.  I have a few in mind, so we’ll see.

And one more thing – aren’t the graphics for all three of these challenges just so gorgeous! *whispers* part of the reason for this post is these beautiful pictures on my blog!


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