Wounded by Claudia Mair Burney – Faith’n’Fiction Roundtable

Earlier this year, Amy asked if I’d like to read Claudia Mair Burney’s Wounded for a new feature she was starting called the Faith’n’Fiction Roundtable.  Of course, I jumped at the chance to participate!  Although this book isn’t my typical fare, I really enjoyed it and I feel so blessed that Amy thought of me as a likely candidate for the roundtable.  🙂  Here’s my portion of the discussion:

Debbie: Although I did like the way the story was presented from different character’s viewpoints, it was the worst thoughts that were exposed, those that demeaned the person in my eyes, and none of which might have been inspiring.  I despised the part about Priest getting turned on by Gina when he slept beside her. The term “bed wench” was awful.

Heather: I think that Burney was pretty brave in drawing the characters that she did.  She drew honest portrayals of real Christians.  Not every Christian is the ideal person, I am far from perfect just like most people, and what’s worse, some Christians do horrible things and say horrible things in the name of God (like Veronica).  Not every pastor always knows the right thing to say and do in every situation.  While Mike’s behavior made me uncomfortable, it was a true portrayal of what a pastor might do when presented with someone like Gina.  Many pastors would believe when faced with a stigmatic, but many others would not.  It was realistic for me, so while I kept wishing and hoping that Mike would become more understanding of the reality of Gina’s situation, I understood why Burney created him the way she did.

I haven’t seen anyone bring up Priest yet, and I’d love to know what everyone thought of him, both as a character himself and how he dealt with Gina.  I personally found it so inspiring to see the unselfish love he had for her and especially for Zoe.  Of course he had his moments of weakness, but for the most part he was completely focused on her, on protecting Gina and taking care of her and making sure that her daughter was never taken away from her.  The love story in Wounded is obviously between Gina and God, but I think it’s also about the love between Priest and Gina.  He would have done absolutely anything for her, whatever it took to keep her safe he was willing to do.  And that made me think about my own life – is there anyone I can say that I fully love unselfishly, that I would go to the ends of the earth and back for?  I hope so.  But I can’t say for certainty.  What did you guys think of the relationship between Gina and Priest?

Sheila: On the subject of Priest.  He was wounded in his own way.  He was drawn to Gina at first as concern and then through Christ working in her – Priest was changed.  I liked Priest.  What a cross he had to bear – never knowing his father, having a mother who couldn’t stand the sight of him, and then the drugs that he used to make all the rest go away.

Priest  seen Christ in Gina.  Or maybe seen is not the right word, but more like he could feel Christ in Gina.  Didn’t everyone who came in contact with Gina suddenly have a feeling of well being?

I liked how Priest loved and took care of Zoe and came to love both her and Gina.  Two broken people brought together through Christ.

Amy: There are no typical near perfect characters in Wounded.  I don’t think I can say enough how much I appreciated this.  I love that it challenges the reader to really look at God using the foolish/weak things of the world.  I love that it asserts that what makes sense to man is not necessarily the way God chooses to work.  So despite all the darkness and the brokenness, I felt Wounded was very hopeful to all kinds of people.

Thomas: Over the last few day I have been thinking about Gina when she was standing by Mary mother of Jesus at the foot of the cross.  Gina said” Why didn’t I love Him?  What was all the high talk of mine, about Him being the Lover of my soul?”  “Now, I stood at the foot of His cross, and I still didn’t know how to love Him”

I know that  I have had this  thought off and on during my walk with Christ.  I have wondered if I truly love God and Jesus.  I wondered if I even knew how to love Jesus and God. I wonder if  one needs to know who they are before truly loving God.

Sheila: As Amy mentioned, the fact that all the characters were such broken people was exactly what this book called for.  Jesus does use broken people (thank goodness!) and this book was a fine example of this.

Thanks for stopping by my portion of the Faith’n’Fiction Roundtable!  Make sure to visit the other participants’ blogs as well so you can get the full picture of our discussion!

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8 thoughts on “Wounded by Claudia Mair Burney – Faith’n’Fiction Roundtable”

  1. I love well developed characters and broken ones work for me too. As I was reading this today I was reminded once again how much I appreciate the brokenness within me…. my need for Christ. He really has busted me up and remolded me through the years and I know I am better for it.

  2. It was nice for once reading a Christian fictional book where the characters were just a flawed as we the readers.

    It interesting and fun to take part in this month’s round table. Thank you for allowing me to join it with the round table.


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