Weekly Geeks: Romance!

This week’s Weekly Geek’s topic is in honor of Valentine’s Day, which is tomorrow.  Here’s the topic:

In honor of Valentine’s weekend, let’s talk about romantic literature. By that, I don’t necessarily mean the modern romance genre, but books that you find particularly romantic.

Feel free to explore any or all of these prompts:

  • What literary couple is your favorite?
  • How do you define romantic literature? Does it always involve sex? or the hint of sex?
  • What author/s do you think writes romantic scenes particularly well?
  • Do you have a favorite romantic scene in a book?
  • Do you find you read romantic literature at certain times of the year?
  • Tell us your favorite romantic quote.
  • Do you have some favorite romantic poetry?

Share any other thoughts you have about books and romance or love or eroticism.

And beyond books: If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, what’s your favorite way to do it? A romantic dinner? Chocolate? Do you send cards to people you love?

I enjoy this topic because I am a total sap.  I love romance, I love the idea of love, I love being in love. 🙂  Go figure.  So when books have a romance in them, especially a romance that is done well and/or pulls me in, makes me think about my own life, well… I get very mushy very easily.

My all-time favorite literary couple is probably Clare and Henry from The Time Traveler’s Wife.  That’s just off the top of my head, I’m sure there are others, but they come to mind first.  I cried buckets while reading that book, and I still think of them with nostalgia when I am thinking about a great romantic novel.  I also love reading YA romance – one of my favorite teen couples in a book is Annabel and Owen from Just Listen.  Their journey to falling in love was just so darn realistic and sweet… I couldn’t help loving them.

I love romance in books.  I don’t like romance as a genre, really, but for me there’s nothing better than reading about a relationship between a couple in a novel.  I love the coming together, the falling in love, the evolution of love over time, I love it all. 🙂  Especially when there’s a gem of a love story in an otherwise excellent book, the love story is just icing on the cake.  What can I say – I repeat, I am a sap!

I also love romance in TV shows.  I cried real tears when Pam and Jim from The Office finally got together.  And their wedding – yes, I cried some more.  And when Monica proposed to Chandler on Friends, I was a total blubbering mess!

Personally, I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day person.  I think it’s kind of an excuse for flower places to charge more, for restaurants to offer “specials” (that are usually not all that special), and for Hallmark to make a lot of money.  But I do enjoy the daily expression of love, of course – in my marriage, we try to take care of each other in little ways throughout the entire year, not just on one day.  But I will say that I like being romanced every now and again – what girl doesn’t love flowers and a handwritten card?  For my husband and myself, we like to do different things to treat each other – for example, tomorrow we plan to go to this farmer’s market and art show we recently heard about, and we’ll probably have a nice(ish) dinner out somewhere after.  Just something out of the ordinary, that’s all we really require to “treat” ourselves.

How about yourself?  What literary couples are your favorites?  Any special plans for V-Day tomorrow?


10 thoughts on “Weekly Geeks: Romance!”

  1. I get really into TV romances too! I totally screamed and pumped a fist in the air when Jim & Pam got together. 😀 And cried at their wedding.

    My fave YA romance is from the Wicked Lovely books. Have you read them?

  2. I absolutely love the idea of love as well 🙂 Here in Finland V-day isn’t a big affair at all. It’s actually translated into Friendship Day. So it’s more of friends giving each other cards or sending text messages on the day! So nothing special going on for me, my husband I don’t really celebrate V-day at all. I did get one card (from a friend who lives in the States!) and some text msgs from special friends and that’s enough for me 🙂

    1. I love the idea of Valentine’s Day being more about friendship than about romantic love. that’s kind of how it was when I was in high school, we would all get our friends candy and cards and stuff. It’s such a hallmark holiday here, that I don’t particularly want anything from my husband, I feel like he’d be doing it just because he has to. I’d rather him do nice things for me other times of the year when I don’t expect it. 🙂

  3. I love the fact that so many people are highlighting The Time Traveler’s Wife today! It is such a romantic story!

  4. Clare and Henry are by far my favorite literary couple. I was so caught up in their love story that I was so upset when the book ended. I wanted to turn the pages of it forever to keep living in their love. Honestly, I can’t think of another couple from a book I love more. I’m actually not all that in to romance in novels unless it is done extremely well, and I think their love was. I’m acutally not much of a Valentine’s Day person either. It’s nice to let others know you love them, but as you said, it shouldn’t be just limited to one day.

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