The Resistance by Gemma Malley

Title:  The Resistance
Author:  Gemma Malley
Release date:  September 2, 2008
Publisher:  Bloomsbury USA
Pages:  356
Genre:  Young adult fiction, science fiction
Source:  Library

*This review may contain spoilers for The Declaration, the first book in this series.

The Resistance begins where The Declaration left off – Peter and Anna are living in Anna’s parents old home, raising her brother Ben, just trying to get through life now that they are Legals.  Peter takes a job with Pincent Pharma, the company responsible for Longevity drugs owned by his grandfather, in order to help the Underground learn more about it and hopefully destroy it.  Working for Pincent Pharma has unexpected consequences – Peter begins questioning what the Underground has always taught him, and his grandfather’s beliefs start to make their way into his mind.  But Pincent Pharma is creating a new Longevity drug, and Peter soon realizes the terrifying truth of what’s behind this new drug – and he must do everything in his power to stop his grandfather and his Longevity from doing the unthinkable.

After being captivated by The Declaration just a couple of weeks ago, I absolutely had to find out what would happen in its sequel, The Resistance.  I’m glad I was able to see how the series concluded but I have to say that I did not love everything about the book.

I’ll go over the not so good first.  What I disliked most about The Declaration is that I felt like the Anna and Peter of this book were two completely different people than the Anna and Peter of The Declaration.  The book takes place only a few months after the first one ends, yet Anna seems much more mature.  Drastically so.  And Peter actually seems less intelligent – he fell under his grandfather’s spell so quickly, he started to believe what he was being told by Pincent Pharma so fast, it was not believable to me.  And while it was clear that Anna and Peter loved each other, their relationship did not stay very strong throughout the novel – I just felt like it was not very realistic.

But luckily there was a lot to like about The Resistance.  The suspense and action of the first book was back in full force.  There were plenty of twists and turns that I never had a clue what was coming, or how it all would end.  I enjoyed the addition of Jude, Peter’s half-brother, to the mix of characters.  He was a well-written character and added a lot to the novel, I thought.  Even though there were aspects of Peter and Anna’s relationship I didn’t love, I enjoyed reading about their relationship in general.  It was obvious that they truly cared about one another and it was really sweet.

Ultimately I enjoyed the ending of the book, and I’m satisfied with the way everything turned out.  The end was VERY fast-paced – I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.  I’m glad I read The Resistance, but I have to admit that I think it pales in comparison to The Declaration.


6 thoughts on “The Resistance by Gemma Malley”

  1. I am 12 years old and have just finished reading the Declaration and absolutely loved it! One of my friends has a copy of ‘The Resistance’, I am going to borrow it from her when she is finished-can’t wait!
    I thought Heather’s review was extremely well written and thought through-I was hoping that Anna & Peter’s relationship would be deeply strong in the Resistance, butguess it won’t be all I hoped for. The thrill of the novel sounds just as brilliant as the Declaration…….
    The 1st novel really broadened my mind as to what could take place in the future- a sci-fi film version would be pretty cool, my good friend wants to try out for the role of Anna if they decide to make it into a movie. that’ll be a laugh…
    Thanks for allowing me to submit my comment.
    Keep Reading-books are a blessing in my Bible!

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