On why I won’t be participating in the Read-a-thon :(

Confession:  I have never fully participated in a Read-a-thon.

This statement makes me sad, it really does.  I have to say, I’ve always watched from the sidelines, faithfully reading all of your updates, vlogs, and commenting as much as possible.  But I unfortunately have a job that requires me to work on Saturdays, and it’s nearly impossible to get a day off on a Saturday.  Last year, I tried to be a Cheerleader late in the day, but we also had a wedding to go to that night so it ended up being a very busy, non-read-a-thon day.

For this weekend’s Read-a-thon, I actually took a personal day for Saturday the 24th.  I was so excited that I would FINALLY be able to participate in this awesome event.  Fate had another idea in store for me, though….

You see, I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Los Angeles, CA – keep in mind that I live in Chicago.  I was asked to take a spur-of-the moment business trip to LA last week, as a replacement for someone else, and the trip obviously includes this weekend.  The kicker is that I’ll be working 8-10 hour days on both Saturday and Sunday, so my dream of participating in the Read-a-thon is out the window. 😦

I will be reading this week, however.  I brought 8 books with me on an eight-day trip, lol.  I’m thinking I won’t get them all read, but I definitely have high hopes!

So, anyways, I want to throw this last thing out there:  I know everyone is going to be participating in the RAT this weekend, but I think there are a few book bloggers in California.  If any of you live in the LA area and want to meet up, email me! I don’t know how much extra time I will have this week, but I would certainly like to meet any of you that I possibly can!


11 thoughts on “On why I won’t be participating in the Read-a-thon :(”

  1. I live in CA, but unfortunately, I’m 4 hours away. There are disadvantages to living in a big state. There’re some bloggers down your way, though…hope you get to meet up with them!

  2. There seem to be a lot of people that can’t participate this weekend. Maybe there should be a backup date for everyone that can’t do it on the scheduled date 🙂

  3. Oh, that’s too bad! Clearly, what you need to do in order to participate in the next one is to plan a two week vacation for the reading marathon in 6 months (do we have a date for that yet?) and make yourself unavailable to your place of employment–like being far, far away. Ooh, a reading marathon in a cute little inn or B&B–that would be fun!

    Sorry you’re stuck working all weekend. 😦

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