It is a cold, COLD Sunday here in Chicago.  Yesterday it didn’t get past 45 degrees (and it was cloudy and windy all day too) and I think today we will be lucky if we hit the upper 40’s.  I’ve mentioned before that I hate winter, and although I am okay with fall, I don’t like when it is this chilly this early in the season.  Yesterday morning I had to scrape ice off my car before going to work!  Probably my least favorite way to start a morning.

Even with the cold weather, I am going to Six Flags Great America today!  Husband and I live 10 minutes from the theme park, so we have season passes this year, and my mom and her boyfriend are going to drive up today and go with us (they live about an hour and a half away from us – we are in the far north suburbs, they are in the southwest suburbs).  It is Fright Fest there the entire month of October, so there’s tons of scary, creepy stuff to entertain us in addition to the roller coasters.  And when I say scary, I mean it – the place seriously freaks me out.  Good thing I’ll have my mommy today to protect me from all the ghosts and goblins, werewolves and clowns, trolls and vampires. 😉

In reading news, I managed to post four reviews this week.  That’s pretty good for me, lately, so I’m quite proud. 🙂  First I reviewed The Promised World, which I really loved.  Then I posted a review for the Flat Belly Diet Cookbook, which turned out to be an extremely informative and excellent cookbook, one I would absolutely recommend.  I reviewed a perfect RIP book, In the Woods, which was just as awesome as everyone was telling me it would be, and finally I reviewed Deogratias, A Tale of Rwanda, which was difficult to read but very worth it, in my opinion.  I also participated in Weekly Geeks yesterday, where I listed some of my favorite books and also asked for recommendations, so pop on over if you haven’t already.

I currently have four unreviewed books for this week, so as long as I can actually get the reviews written, I’m pretty good for posts this week.  That makes me VERY happy. 🙂

And here’s what I’m in the middle of reading right now:

Product Details

I have been reading No One You Know as my purse-book, and I’m always tempted to take it out and read it at home because I’m really enjoying it.  But I’ve been getting some good reading done on my half hour lunch breaks at work this week, so I’m thinking I’ll finish this one in a few days.  I decided to start Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows because I decided that I wanted to finish my reread of the series before the end of the year.  I am going to try and take the book slowly this time, so that I will pick up on all the little details I missed when I was reading it like a maniac the first time around.  I just started Dracula is Dead last night – it is okay so far (from the first few chapters, at least).  And Haunting Bombay is for a blog tour later this month, I am almost halfway through this book and enjoying it so far.

So what are you up today?