Sunday Salon

Good morning Saloners!  It is 8 am on Sunday morning and I am sitting here freezing my butt off because it is COLD outside.  Cold weather does not make me a happy girl, so I will just have to suffer through it in the upcoming months. 😦

I don’t know if I have ever told you guys this, but every other Sunday morning at 11 am I teach Sunday school at my church (well, we don’t call it “sunday school”, we call it The Great Adventure, or TGA for short).  I have three-year-olds, and they are tons of fun – they brighten my week every time I get to have time with them.  The reason I’m telling you this is that it’s my week today, so I need to get this post typed up and in order to get in the shower and get out of here.  After church I will most likely head on out to my sister’s to spend some time with them.  As most of you know by now, I try to spend time with as much family as I can every Sunday, my niece especially.

Anyway, this week I read and reviewed The End of Poverty, which I tried to like but didn’t really understand, The Hunger Games, which I of course loved, and Blindness, which I also loved.  Well, Blindness really freaked me out so I don’t know if “loved” is the right word.  But it was a seriously amazing book.  I also did a fun little meme where you can learn a bit more about me.

I’m currently reading:

I am really enjoying In the Woods although it’s taking longer than normal to read, I think because I don’t read mysteries all that often so I have to get used to the groove of reading a mystery.  Twilight of a Queen is okay so far, I am interested in the story but it doesn’t wow me (at least, not yet).  The Promised World is the one that I just started yesterday, so I’m only about 60 pages in, but let me tell you, it took all my willpower not to race through the book last night and abandon the other two.  It has sucked me in from the start and I have a feeling I’m going to love this one.

For all of you who were lucky enough to attend one of the book festivals this weekend, a) I’m super jealous that you’re all becoming friends IRL and I haven’t gotten a chance to meet ANY of you yet, and b) I want pictures soon!  I’m really hoping I can come to BEA when a lot of other people are, but money is tight and vacation time at work is not very plentiful so we will have to see when the time comes.  Perhaps you guys want to come to Chicago sometime? 😉

Happy Sunday everyone!


16 thoughts on “Sunday Salon”

    1. Thanks! I know that I am lucky that they live so close. It’s still over an hour away, but I can easily make the drive every Sunday to see them. So sorry you are not in the same situation with yours. 😦

  1. I wish that it was chillier outside. I’m still running around in a pair of shorts and a tank. It’s hot and muggy, which makes me a very miserable girl!

    In the Woods is one of my favorite books, but I admit it took me a while to get through as well. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a mystery – Harlan Cabon is mystery and a quick read for me, but I know what you mean!

    1. I would LOVE to be in shorts and a tank. To each her own, I guess. 🙂

      I’m glad you liked In the Woods so much – I think I’m going to end up loving it too. Especially if I could just figure out the darn mystery already!!

    1. good to know – I’m thinking I’ll continue on with Tana French after I’m finished with this one and try The Likeness. I’ve heard that one’s even better!

  2. I’m waiting anxiously for fall…I love the cooler weather! It’s foggy here, but 15 miles away it’s still hot…so until our whole county gets cooler temps, I still consider it to be too hot. 😀

    I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying The Promised World…I was most impressed, so I hope it lives up to your early expectations.

    1. fall = winter is coming soon = YUCK. Lol. I am just a hot weather girl, pure and simple. If I could move to southern california or florida I would do so in a heartbeat.

      I’m really excited about The Promised World… there have been SO many good reviews, and I’m already quite involved with the story!

    1. hmm really? Which one was it? I think there was one in DC or something, and perhaps Baltimore? I don’t know anything about that stuff, just that I am unable to travel until February of 2010 at the earliest, so I can’t really go to anything until at least then. 😦

  3. The books sound great! I have a Lisa Tucker book (I think; can’t at this quick second remember right) but I think I would like this one. I enjoyed In The Woods – it is one I can still remember now after reading it months ago.
    And darn it – I was in Chicago last week and I was wondering if I knew any bloggers who might live there while I was wandering around downtown. Darn!

  4. I read and loved In The Woods earlier this year, so I hope you continue to enjoy it. Also, it is long and rather wordy, so an extended reading is perhaps justified!

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