ABC’s of me

I’ve seen this one around a lot, so I thought I’d play along. 🙂

Available or single? neither – happily married.

Best Friend? I have a few… my husband, my mom, my friends Melissa and Tracy.

Cake or Pie? Am I allowed to say both?

Drink of choice? white wine, coffee, diet pepsi, water… I enjoy a great variety of beverages. 

Essential item for every day use? computer… both at work and at home.

Favorite color? green.  But I like a lot of colors.  Blue, purple, yellow are more favorites. 

Google? yep, it is essential.

Hometown? Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Indulgences? books. white wine. ice cream. sweatpants (this sounds weird, but I love sweatpants and can always find a reason to buy another pair).

January or February? neither.  I HATE winter with a passion. 

Kids and their names? no kids.  Three cats – Bailey, Oscar, and Annabelle, and one niece, Adrianna.

Life is incomplete without…? my sweet husband by my side

Marriage date? June 4, 2007

Number of siblings? two brothers and one sister, all younger than me.

Oranges or apples? apples

Phobias and fears? I’m mildly claustrophobic, I have a huge phobia of public speaking, and I really don’t like bugs of any kind when they find their way into my house.

Quote for the day? “I cannot live without books”  Thomas Jefferson

Reason to smile? all the TBR books on my shelves. my adorable niece running towards me for a hug with a huge smile on her face. my fave TV shows being back for the fall. 8 hours of sleep every night (recently I’ve been accomplishing this!). fun date nights with my hubby. 

Season? summer all the way.  I am a hot weather girl – I love the sun, the pool, the ocean, getting a tan, drinking cold drinks outside, etc.  Which means I’m unhappy that it’s almost winter. 😦

Tag 3 people? nah.  You guys can play if you want!

 Unknown fact about me? I can touch my nose with my tongue and also make a three-leaf clover with my tongue.

Vegetable you hate? eggplant.  so mushy – yuck! 

Worst habit? not being able to stick to a budget

X-rays you’ve had? I have a heart condition, so I’ve had a ton of chest x-rays. 

Your fave food? Mexican… YUM.

Zodiac sign?Capricorn. December 29th is my bday!


10 thoughts on “ABC’s of me”

  1. Ha–I love sweatpants, too! Of course, we both live in the Midwest. Where it is cold in the winter. Very cold. And we just need to be warm and cozy.

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