BBAW – my faves who did NOT make the shortlists

While I’m thrilled that Book Blogger Appreciation Week is finally here, and I’m beyond excited for all the blogs that made the shortlists for the awards, I’d like to tell you about some of my favorite blogs which did not make the shortlists.  There are a TON of amazing blogs and bloggers in book blogland and I think it’s important for us to cheer each other on and showcase the blogs that mean the most to us individually.

Best Kidlit Blog: I think Amanda at A Patchwork of Books is wonderful.  She reviews a lot of picture books, middle grade books, and YA books, and she reviews both fiction and non-fiction books for kids.  Plus, she’s a children’s librarian, so she really knows her stuff!

Best Bookclub Blog: I don’t even have a book club, but if I did I would absolutely want to contact Kristen at Book Club Classics.  Besides reviewing books on the blog, she creates book club kits which contain discussion questions and other resources for book clubs.  She will create kits by request, and she is an awesome reviewer so I can only imagine that her book club kits are just as excellent.

Best Collaborative Blog: I think the ladies over at Girls Just Reading are great.  Jenn, Julie, and Lisa write excellent reviews, and often more than one of them will review the same book so the reader can get a few different perspectives.  They work very hard on their blog and it definitely shows.

Best New Blog: Natalie at Book, Line, and Sinker is definitely my favorite newish blogger.  She writes great reviews and also a lot of posts which really make you think.  She presents good questions on her blog that really promote great discussions between bloggers.  Also, she’s super nice!

Best Reviews: There are so many bloggers who write phenomenal reviews over and over again.  All of the bloggers who were nominated in this category are, therefore, extremely deserving of the honor.  But there are way more bloggers who were not recognized in this category and totally deserve to be.  These I’ll just list, and keep in mind that these bloggers are just a FEW of my favorites.

You guys are all awesome and totally deserving of an award in my book. 🙂


11 thoughts on “BBAW – my faves who did NOT make the shortlists”

  1. heather…thank you so much for the ‘shout out’ (do people say that anymore? lol). it’s always nice to know that people are reading! when i first starting blogging (life blog) in 2007, i didn’t have ONE comment until after almost a full month! i appreciate your nod. 😀

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