Book Sale Manager site

I just received an email letting me know about the existence of this fabulous website, and of course I HAD to share it with all of you!

I am a huge fan of library book sales.  Of course, I’m TRYING to stop acquiring so many books, but I still frequent these sales when I know of their existence – who can resist books for $1 or even $.50?  Seriously?  However, I have always had a hard time remembering which libraries had sales when.  I live in a large suburban area, there’s TONS of libraries around, and I can never keep track.  Enter Book Sale Manager.

This is a seriously awesome website where you can search by your zip code or even your entire state to see which libraries are having book sales and when.  You can even choose what dates you’re interested in – say, search only within a certain weekend or throughout an entire month.

The website is still in the early stages so there’s no guarantee at this point that the libraries you frequent will be on here, but the site is growing very quickly.  I heard about the site from another blogger a few weeks ago, searched and found nothing in my area.  Then the other day I received an email from a representative of the site, decided to go back and look at the site more carefully, and lo and behold, three libraries from around me were added that weren’t there before!  In just a few weeks!  Of course, it is up to the individual libraries to register and post about their own sales, but I’m sure that as more libraries hear about the site, more will be interested in getting their information on it.  What library wouldn’t want to drive more traffic to their book sales?

So.  Go check out Book Sale Manager and let me know what you think.  And if it doesn’t have your areas of interest right away, keep checking back.  I think this is a fantastic idea and I’m sure it will take off more than it already has in the very near future.  So hop on over there and of course, have fun book sale-ing!


5 thoughts on “Book Sale Manager site”

  1. Very cool site, I cannot resist library sales eihter. They actually had several sales listed relatively close to me. Thanks for featuring it 🙂

  2. I got an email from them as well and have forwarded it to my local library to be added. I hope everyone that gets the email will do the same. I know when the library in my metro area is but hope the attached communities will also be added soon.

  3. i also received the email but haven’t had a second to sit down and check it out. i must get to it! now, if only a bookshelf company would send me an email about some wonderful bookshelves that are on sale, i’d finally have a place to put all my books!

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