Review: I Feel Bad About My Neck

Title:  I Feel Bad About My Neck

Author:  Nora Ephron

Published:  August 8, 2006

Page Count:  176

Genres:  Nonfiction, Essays

My Rating:  3/5

I Feel Bad About My Neck is an essay collection by Nora Ephron about all sorts of things.  Many of the essays have to do with ageing, but some have to do with womanhood in general, some are about being a mother, and there’s even one about reading!  Ephron’s essays are smart and funny and I can see why people enjoy what she writes.

I have to say, however, that for me personally I thought this collection was only okay.  I was entertained by some of the essays, and even found myself laughing out loud in parts, but some of them simply bored me.  So much so that, having finished the book just a few days ago, I can’t even remember very many specifics about it.  The one essay I remember really enjoying was the one about parenting – it was about how parenting today is so drastically different than when Ephron raised her kids.  The points she was making definitely rang true, in my opinion, and it was very funny as well.

I think that I Feel Bad About My Neck will resonate more with women slightly older than myself, because a lot of what Ephron writes is about getting older, and raising kids, and other experiences that I simply haven’t had yet.  It was a good and funny collection of essays, I just didn’t love it and wasn’t nearly as entertained by these essays as I would have liked to be.

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5 thoughts on “Review: I Feel Bad About My Neck”

  1. It’s interesting how we had totally different reactions to the same book! That’s what makes book blogging so much fun. 😀

    1. I know!! That’s also why it’s so great (in my opinion) to link to others – so people who read my review can just click over to yours and get a different opinion.

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