The Sunday Salon

Wow, I haven’t done a Sunday Salon post in FOREVER!  I don’t envision myself posting a review today, though, so this way I’ll still be able to chat about books with all of you.

Well, first of all, I returned late Friday night from my short San Diego trip.  Thanks to everyone who wished my brother well and congratulated him – he is now officially a U.S. Marine and I truly couldn’t be prouder.  Although I can’t say the trip was the most “fun” time of my life, I’m so grateful that I went and got to see such an important moment in his life.  I’m not gonna lie – the second I saw him I started crying (just a little)… he’s still the same guy, but he’s fitter, taller (better posture most likely), more confident, more mature, and just seems more comfortable with himself.  It’s truly amazing.  He’s on leave right now for ten days, then he has to head back to San Diego but this time to Camp Pendleton for combat training.  After that, he’ll head to Pensacola, Florida for his specialized training – he’s going to be some kind of bomb technician.  My baby brother is all grown up!

Unfortunately I didn’t get much reading done on the trip, but I did manage to finish Invisible Sisters by Jessica Handler by reading for just a small portion of both plane rides.  I plan to post on that one on or right after its release date.

I’m currently wading my way through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (I’m about halfway through), which is a reread that I decided to read again for Carl’s Once Upon a Time Challenge.  I also started Jodi Picoult’s Handle With Care last night, and as I’ve got to return it to the library by the end of this week I plan on finishing it in the next couple of days.  

Right now I’m four reviews behind, which isn’t awful but I better get cracking.  I may or may not post a review later today but I do hope to have them all typed up and ready to go later today.  Although at the moment all I want to do is laundry and TV watching, so we’ll see.

Happy Sunday, everyone.  Thanks for stopping by.

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