Review: Breaking Dawn

breakingdwn2Title:  Breaking Dawn

Author:  Stephenie Meyer

Published:  August 2, 2008

# of Pages:  768

ISBN:  978-0316067928

My Rating:  3/5

As with my review of Eclipse, I see zero point in giving a plot summary of this one.  If you’re interested, however, in a fantastic plot summary that just might make you pee in your pants, go check out Raych’s review of Breaking Dawn.  As for me, I’m just going to share my thoughts while trying VERY hard not to give away too many spoilers.  I may have to slip one or two in here, though, so be warned.

So, in general, I wasn’t thrilled with the conclusion to the Twilight series.  I thought it was too long – it dragged a LOT in the middle, I had a hard time getting through parts of it actually.  I found the relationships with the characters to be highly unrealistic… not that relationships between vampires, werewolves, and humans typically ARE realistic, but there was something to these relationships in the first three books that was somewhat lacking in this one.  There were too many perfect situations – the most obvious one that comes to mind is Jacob’s “relationship” to Renesmee.  No spoilers, exactly, just that I HATED this aspect of the plot.  (By the way, Renesmee?  What kind of a name is that?)  I found it pretty much insane that Charlie would just accept all of this crazy stuff and not run screaming from what Jacob told/showed him.  I also found it unbelievable that Bella’s mom would be ok with so much time passing without really contacting her daughter – in the first three books, it was made to seem like they were very close, yet in this one she’s barely mentioned at all.

So, ok, what did I like?  Well, besides the slower middle parts, the book moved along pretty fast.  I was enthralled with the story and I cared about where it would end up.  I liked Edward MUCH more in this book than I did in the previous three, and I loved reading more about the Cullens.  I liked how the relationship between the Cullens and the werewolves developed – not exactly believable, given their histories, but I think Meyer did a good job making it seem like they had no other choice but to get along and work together.  I’m glad the ending turned out the way it did, even though again – not really believable.  But I’m a sucker for endings such as this, so what can I say.  Overall, not my favorite of the Twilight books, and in my opinion, it had some major flaws, but I did enjoy Breaking Dawn to a degree and I’m glad that I finished the series.

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6 thoughts on “Review: Breaking Dawn”

  1. I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said. I enjoyed it, but it certainly wasn’t the best of the bunch. Thanks for linking to my review. I’m going to add your link right now.

  2. I definitely agree with you on this. I highly enjoyed reading some parts of the book, but the rest was pretty disappointing. I think Stephenie Meyer just wanted to get it done and over with, honestly, and she sacrificed the charm that the first 3 books had to get there.

  3. Hey, thanks for the hat tip!

    I totally agree, Edward was waaaaaaaaaaay less of an utter douche in this one. I, likewise, love a happy ending, though you’d have to shove bamboo splints under my fingernails to get me to admit it.

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