living-dead-girlTitle:  Living Dead Girl

Author:  Elizabeth Scott

Published:  September 2, 2008

# of Pages:  176

ISBN:  978-1416960591

Rating:  5/5

“Alice” was abducted by Ray when she was ten years old.  She is now fifteen, and he has held her captive ever since.  He starves her so that she’ll remain small, skinny, and child-like, he rapes her on at least a daily basis, he physically abuses her any time she doesn’t do exactly as he wants – to the point of unconsciousness, and  he promises to kill her entire family if she tells anyone or leaves him.  “Alice” lives her entire life in a state of utter misery – put simply, she has no hope of getting out and is just waiting for death.

Living Dead Girl is a very short novel, written in sparse prose, that will absolutely haunt you long after completing it.  I could not put this book down, but I badly wanted to because the content was so upsetting.  The book made me feel so many different things – shock, anger,  sadness, disappointment, nausea – yet I could not turn away, I read it in one sitting.  Elizabeth Scott did such a terrific job making such a horrific subject into a compelling and interesting novel, and the writing was fantastic.  It was raw, gritty, and graphic but not overly or unnecessarily so.  I especially liked the style of writing – I really felt like I was in Alice’s head, understanding her, feeling what she was feeling, etc.  It was so hard to read but truly amazing at the same time.

SO, I have two questions.  First, for those of you who’ve read Living Dead Girl – I am DYING to discuss the ending.  So please, comment away, what did you think of the ending? For everyone else – how do you feel about reading a book that causes extreme discomfort? Would you bother reading something that you know will be disturbing – even if you are pretty curious and/or interested in the subject matter?

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