Starts with “P”

So I saw Trish over at Hey Lady! doing this meme, where she listed 10 things she likes that start with a particular letter (she did “O”), and then invited us all to participate.  Well, she assigned me the letter  “P”… so let’s see what I can come up with.

1.  Potatoes.  I LOVE potatoes of all varities.  I could literally eat a baked potato every single day for the rest of my life and NEVER get sick of them.  I could eat them for the majority of my meals, in fact, and be completely content.  I also enjoy mashed potatoes, french fries, and pretty much any other kind of potato that you can think of.  And sweet potatoes!  Yum!!

2.  Playing with my niece.  She is 16 months old, and I’m telling you guys, I love this kid so much.  I would do absolutely anything for her and I love being around her.  She is just starting to talk, and this puts me in grave danger, because to be completely honest, once she starts to form sentences I am screwed.  She could ask me for just about anything and I do not think I have the capability to say no to her.  She is just SO freakin adorable and sweet and ahh I just love her!  She is definitely one of my favorite people in the world, but her name starts with A so I can’t use her individually for this. 🙂

3.  Pens.  I realize how silly this sounds but truthfully, I am always on the lookout for good pens.  I used to wait tables so I think the obsession started there – you have to buy your own writing utensils for that, you know.  Now I write only at work and when journaling (and yes they provide pens for me at work), but I am always perusing the school supply aisle of grocery stores for smoother writing pens.

4.  Pedicures.  I only recently discovered how much fun it is to get a pedicure.  And I love how my feet look so pretty, even when it’s the dead of winter here and literally the only person who sees my toes is me, in the shower.  The rest of the time I always wear socks and usually slippers.  But pedicures are so much fun and always make me feel beautiful when I get them.

5.  the Printing press.  I mean, come on, all of us book lovers have to appreciate the machine that started it all!

6.  Pepsi; specifically Diet Pepsi Max.  I freakin love this stuff, even though I am well aware how terrible it is for my body.  I don’t even care, it is so delicious and, yes, I am completely addicted.  Don’t even try to talk me out of it, because I KNOW how bad it is.  But it’s so. darn. delicious.

7.  Pools, as in swimming pools, as in I love summer and everything that goes with it.  Sitting beside the pool, getting a tan, reading a book… now that’s my idea of paradise.

8.  my Parents, especially my mom.  My mother and I have an extremely close relationship – I can easily say that she is my best friend.  I don’t know how healthy our close relationship has been throughout my life (as an adult, I now understand that parents are supposed to be parents before being friends with their kids), but generally she’s always been there for me, always supported me, and now that I’m all grown up we pretty much tell each other everything.  She’s always the first person I come to with news, good or bad, and the one relationship in my life based on complete unconditional love.  My dad and I have never been too close, but we are working on it, so yeah I love him too and he can be included in this one. 🙂

9.  Paris, France.  I have only been there once, when I was pretty young (twelve years old), but wow did I love it there.  Everything in that city just astounded me; I found it to be the most beautiful and magical place I’d ever seen.  I definitely plan to go back there someday – when, I have no clue – but I’m very interested to see the place through my grown-up set of eyes.  I’m hoping that I will still find it as amazing as I did the first time.

10.  Pinot grigio – actually most wines.  I LOVE wine, I love trying new types from different vineyards and regions of the world; I will pretty much try any new wine.  I’m not  very educated in it or anything, truly I don’t know what I’m looking for when I try new ones, only what tastes good to me.  But I love wine and have a lot of fun trying it (and drinking it!)  Pinot grigio is a staple in my life and it’s certainly one of my favorites.

Wow, that was easier than I had anticipated!  Want to play along?  Just comment that you’re interested and I’ll email you back with a random letter – don’t worry, I won’t do any really hard ones. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Starts with “P””

  1. okay, I’m seeing this meme all over the place… and I’ve resisted thus far. But, darn it, I wanna play, too! Please assign me a letter! (email is witscheywoman2 at yahoo dot com)

    Loved your list, btw! 😉

  2. OMG pedicures! I totally want one now!

    Seriously, I think if I was rich, one of the things that I would have weekly (if not daily) is a nice long pedicure. Is anything more indulgent?

  3. Love your meme! I too love potatoes, my niece (who just turned three on Thursday), pools, my mom, pedicures, and we were even in Paris at the same age (I spent my thirteenth birthday there). Who knew we had so much in common?!

  4. I had my first pedicure when I was about 8 months pregnant with my first child. Talk about a wonderful indulgence. Next time you go to a baby shower, get the Mom a gift certificate for a pedicure…and offer to keep the baby while she goes!!! That would be so much more appreciated than a diaper genie.

    I love Paris…went there about 8 years ago. Sometimes it disturbs me that so many families save their money and take an annual trip to Disney World when for the same money they could expose their children to a REAL different culture and experience the thrill of traveling abroad. It’s tough to go now because the economy is having a negative effect on the power of the dollar in Europe. But when we were there, the dollar was strong and it was not a terribly expensive vacation. And you just have to LOVE a city where a glass of wine costs less than a Coke.

  5. I love a good glass of wine. Reisling is one of my favorites but I also like a nice dry glass of Pinot Noir on occasion. I would love to travel to Paris sometime. Great list!

  6. I didn’t get my first pedicure until a couple of years ago – I’ve always had this weird skittishness about anyone touching my feet. But I’m glad I got over that, because now I really enjoy them – they’re probably the most relaxing thing I do for myself.

    Your list was fun!

  7. I’m eating waffle fries right now! Love potatoes.
    I keep seeing the meme, so I guess I’ll have to take a letter. Please be nice 🙂

  8. I love potatoes, too! Especially pierogies with potatoes in them. Yum. I too like pens, and I’m always trying to find good ones. I especially love the Pilot Precise pens. And a pool sounds good right about now… :).

  9. […] I’ve seen this darn meme all over the place lately, and I finally broke down and asked Heather at Book Addiction to let me play along! She assigned me a letter, and now I have to make a list of 10 things I love […]

  10. I’ve already done this…it IS fun, isn’t it?

    Now, about pens, OMG, I am so addicted to them. I have 3 fountain pens (2 of which I never use) and a myriad number of ballpoint, gel and other pens with other ink formats. Oh, and Sharpies! I was in heaven when they brought out all the different Sharpie colors.

    I think I’ll write an “Ode to Pens!”

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