Review: Happiness Sold Separately

Happiness Sold Separately – Lolly Winston

From the book jacket –

Elinor Mackey has always done the right things in the right order – college, law school, career, marriage – but now everything’s going wrong.  After two painful years of trying, Elinor has learned that she can’t have children.  All the doctors can tell her is that it’s probably because of her age.  As she turns forty, she withdraws into an interior world of heartbreak.

Elinor’s loving husband, Ted, a successful podiatrist, has always done the right thing, too.  Then he meets the wrong woman at the wrong time, and does the wrong thing.  Ted’s lover, Gina – a beautiful and kindhearted nutritionist – always eats the right thing, but is unlucky in love and always falls for the wrong men.  Soon Ted has to fight to make everything right again.

Can Elinor and Ted’s marriage be saved?  The answer is alarmingly fresh and unexpected as New York Times bestselling author Lolly Winston introduces us to characters as memorable as those of Anne Tyler and Nick Hornby, but who are indelibly all her own.

My thoughts –

I found this to be a very charming, quick read.  Just the kind of thing to curl up with on a rainy day… not too heavy, but not sticky-sweet either.  The story in this novel moved along pretty quickly, and had enough surprises to keep me interested the entire time.  What I liked most about this novel, however, were the characters.  The interesting thing was that the most flawed characters – Ted and Gina – were the ones I ended up enjoying the most, and feeling the most empathy for, while Elinor pretty much just annoyed me.  I know I was supposed to feel intense amounts of sympathy for her, but I simply did not find her as real as the other two.  Gina was probably, oddly enough, my favorite of the three.  Although she was the most minor of the major characters, I liked her personality the best, and I felt like of all three of them, she was the most authentically written.  Even the minor characters in this story, such as Gina’s son Toby, were well-written, and positively affected the book.

I thought the ending to the book was just OK.  Obviously I’m not going to share how it ended, but for those who have read this novel, what did you think of the ending?

I’d recommend this book for a quick, light read with enjoyable characters.

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5 thoughts on “Review: Happiness Sold Separately”

  1. Oddly enough, I have thought about the ending quite often since I read the book (which was probably a year ago). I actually think she did a good job with it. There were two directions she could have gone, and the one she chose was plausible.

    Thanks for the link!

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