We Will Always Remember…

As I’m sure most of you (especially those that live in the United States) are aware, today is the 7th anniversary of September 11, 2001.  It’s hard to believe that seven years have already passed since that fateful day.  Anyone who lives in this country was affected by that day, and I can almost guarantee that we can each recall in vivid detail what we were doing when we heard the news that our country had been attacked. 

Will Entrekin has decided to do more than just think about that day.  He has written and published a collection of essays, and one dollar from every sale of this collection will be donated to United Way of New York City to contribute to the continuous needs of individuals profoundly affected by 9/11.  He has published on of the essays, specifically talking about 9/11, on his blog.  I urge everyone to read it.  If you are interested in reading more from Will, you may also order his publication from the website.  He writes about 9/11 as a New Yorker who was working in the city that day – I can not imaging how terrifying it must have been.

I, on the other hand, was a high school senior in the Chicago suburbs when the attack occured.  I was walking to French class when I realized everyone was talking about a plane hitting the World Trade Center.  Of course, just like most Americans probably did, we all thought that it was some idiot crashing his tiny plane and it would be taken care of immidiately.  After French class was over, we were all shocked to find the news coverage on all of the TVs in our hallways at school… we couldn’t believe our eyes.  The rest of the day, most of the teachers let us watch the news during class instead of doing anything else.  I think they realized what a profound moment in history it was going to be, even though we as students couldn’t quite grasp that at the time. 

What were you doing on that day?  And do you still see the ramifications of 9/11 on yourself, your family, or the country?  (I certainly do.)

7 thoughts on “We Will Always Remember…”

  1. Yes, I remember thinking – and saying – the same thing about some stupid pilot not paying attention, or maybe he was drunk, or whatever. I was so horrified when I realized the truth.

  2. Thanks so much for posting about this. Much appreciated.

    Also wanted to add that I decided to donate all proceeds to the United Way.

    I think the first reaction of a lot of was “silly pilot.” Interesting, that.

  3. The 9/11 attack still makes me sad, but it’s kind of a distant sadness. The thing that really horrifies me, though, is the way it has changed the U.S. Now we’re in a war WITH THE WRONG COUNTRY with people WHO DON’T DESERVE TO DIE becuase we reelected Dubya–who lies and cheats, but promises us that he’ll keep those nasty terrorists away. Don’t get me started!

  4. I was a claims adjuster, out inspecting a school gym that had sustained water damage. I remember hearing the DJ’s on my morning radio show saying, “OH MY GOD! A plane just flew into the World Trade Center!” and then five minutes later, “ANOTHER ONE HIT!!!” I had to wait till I finished my inspection and got back to the office to see any news coverage. That was by far the scariest day of my life, even though I was in Atlanta, not New York. Everyone worried that the CDC in Atlanta might be a target, so our office closed early, and I went home, not really knowing what to do with myself. I remember just wanting my mom…and all I could do was curl up in bed and watch the non-stop news coverage.

  5. I was working as a school psycholgist in a middle school in NJ when it hit. I remember the secretary saying that her son just called and said a plane hit the Trade Center. I remember not believing her. It was only a matter of time before we were bombarded with parents picking up their kids from school and scared students crying in the office. I couldn’t wait to get home to my husband. I cried all the way home.

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