Review: Good Grief

Good Grief – Lolly Winston

Cover Image

published 2004 – 342 pages

From the back cover –

Thirty-six-year-old Sophie Stanton desperately wants to be a good widow – a graceful, composed, Jackie Kennedy kind of widow.  Alas, she is more of the Jack Daniels kind.  Self-medicating with ice cream for breakfast, breaking down at the supermarket, and showing up to work in her bathrobe and bunny slippers – soon she’s not only lost her husband, but her job, house… and waistline.

With humor and chutzpah Sophie leaves town, determined to reinvent her life.  But starting over has its hurdles; soon she’s involved with a thirteen-year-old who has a fascination with fire, and a handsome actor who inspires a range of feelings she can’t cope with – yet.

My thoughts –

So this novel would definitely be classified as “chick lit”, but it’s more Jennifer Weiner-esque than Sophie Kinsella-esque, if you catch my drift.  It’s what I would like to call smart chick lit.  The book is dealing with an extremely serious subject – death of one’s spouse – but turning it into a very sweet, and even funny, story about a woman who sort of finds herself after she feels like all has been lost.  Oddly enough, I wasn’t completely enamoured with the character of Sophie (the narrator and main character), but still managed to really enjoy the book.  Part of that is because I liked a lot of the secondary characters more (especially Crystal – LOVED her, she was so incredibly real), and part of that was because the story was actually very compelling and written pretty well.  Sophie really developed as a person throughout the book, and even though some parts were very sad, as is the topic itself, this novel is very, very sweet and completely engaging.  I won’t say it goes into my top ten or anything, but it’s definitely worth a read, especially for someone looking for a lighter, sweeter, feel-good type of story.

Also reviewed by: Gayle at Every Day I Write the Book Blog.

6 thoughts on “Review: Good Grief”

  1. I read this in 2004 and gave it a 7 on my 7-10 scale…which pretty much means “I won’t say it goes into my top ten or anything, but it’s definitely worth a read”

  2. I read this a couple of years ago (prior to my blog), and I was actually surprised by how much I liked it. I preferred it to her second novel, but I’ll probably check out whatever she writes next. Good review!

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