An award & some giveaways!

Thanks SO much to Nicole from Book Escape, for this award:  

[brillante.jpg]I really appreciate receiving this, and now I will take the time to nominate 7 other bloggers who also deserve to be recognized for their blogging awesomeness!

1. Chartroose from Bloody Hell, It’s a Book Barrage!  – I have no clue how she found my blog, but somehow she did, commented, and I’ve been reading and loving her ever since.

2. Lisa at Books on the Brain – Lisa was the first book blog I found when I started doing this in January, and it still reamins one of my favorites.  She writes great reviews and has similar taste to my own.

3.  Eva at A Striped Armchair – Eva’s reviews are incredibly thorough and insightful.  She always introduces me to books I’d never have heard of otherwise, and even though she gets upset over my hatred for Jane Austen, I know that deep down she is ok with it and loves me anyway. 😉

4. Girls Just Reading – These three ladies write fabulous reviews, and they usually write about either books I’ve already read or books I’m interested in for future reading.  Plus, I just love the idea of teaming up to do a book blog with some friends!

5. Becky at Becky’s Book Reviews – This girl reads crazy amounts of books, and reviews all of them.  Seriously, she posts at least once a day, sometimes up to 3 or 4 times in a day, and the books she reviews ALWAYS sound interesting to me.  She’s introduced me to a lot of YA books, and I previously didn’t have much of an interest in that genre.

6. Kristen at Book Club Classics – Kristen also writes really great reviews about books that I’m interested in.  She also has a very well-organized blog with lots of resources for book clubs (which coincidentally, I do not have a book club, but I still love her blog).

7. Cara at The Curvature – Cara is so kick-ass.  I cannot ever resist an opportunity to plug the amazingness of her feminst thoughts and writings.  She actually most likely does not even know I exist, since I rarely ever comment, but I still love reading her blog and always learn from it.  Go check out her stuff immidiately – I’m telling you, this girl is amazing.

Thanks again, Nicole, this award is truly appreciated. 🙂


OK, now on to some giveaways.  First, Natasha at Maw Books is doing a very important giveaway in preparation for her possible future project to help the citizens of Darfur.  I am actually not going to be entering this one myself, simply because I’ve read almost every book she’s giving away, but it’s a good one and you all should go check it out

Trish is giving away a copy of Far World.  Unfortunately, blogging about this contest is not grounds for extra entries, so I’m letting you all know about this one out of the kindness of my heart… that’s how much I love you people. 😉

Check out Devourer of Books for a chance to win Queen of the Road.  This book looks really good and I think a lot of you would enjoy the chance to win!

Stephanie at The Written Word has a copy of The Wednesday Sisters up for grabs.  I’ve had my eye on this one for a long time now, so this giveaway definitely excites me.

Finally, Julie at Booking Mama has a copy of Stone Creek that she’ll be giving away.  This book looks pretty good too, I highly recommend checking that one out too.

Ok everyone, good luck… let me know if you win anything!

8 thoughts on “An award & some giveaways!”

  1. Congrats!!

    Thanks for listing the giveaways. I’m also hosting a giveaway of Phyllis Zimbler Miller’s “Mrs. Lieutenant.” Here’s the link to my interview with Phyllis and the contact info in case you’re interested.

  2. lol Thanks so much!! 🙂 And I’m totally ok with it…just leaves more Jane for the rest of us! hehe-that didn’t even make sense. I’m a touch sleep deprived. 😉

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