Weekly Geeks #2

This week’s topic for Weekly Geeks is, in a nutshell, to display other bloggers’ reviews on your site.  I love this idea because, well for one, it gives everyone more exposure, which I know we all appreciate, and for two, it means you can go to one person’s blog and see several differing opinions of the same book (or maybe several of the same opinions).  I will be accepting links to reviews of books I have read from here on out, just leave me a comment and I’ll edit the post to add your review.

For a list of books I have read this year (since I started bloggin) see the Books Read in 2008 tab at the top.  I’d be happy to add reviews to any post I’ve made thus far.

I’ll also be adding a comment on the sidebar alerting people new to the blog of this excellent and fun policy.